We love downtown Nampa

May 22, 2014

It’s not uncommon for NNU students to make a run to Walmart at 3 a.m. or head to the Boise Mall to browse corporate department stores and boutiques. However, many students have discovered the hidden treasures of local businesses that lie in downtown Nampa, just blocks from NNU’s campus. We love that the student support of these shops boosts the economic community of Nampa, but of even more value is the incredibly rich and unique college experience they create for students.

Here are some of our favorite local businesses:

Since it’s opening in 2006, the Flying M Coffeegarage (which used to be an old Firestone tire store) has become one of the most frequented hangouts for NNU students. Whether they’re going to study, take a study break or to catch the concert of a local band, their presence is a guarantee at the M, making its location practically synonymous with NNU. Also guaranteed is the good coffee, better pastries and the best company.

On 1st Street lies a colorful hole-in-the-wall favorite, Messenger Pizza. At Messenger, students don’t have to settle for the standard pepperoni pizza, instead they can push the flavor palate with specialties like the “Pie Fight,” the “Chuck Norris” and the “Red Velvet Nun,” and then wash it down with a glass of locally brewed “Bucksnort” root beer. On Monday evenings, pizza and jazz collide when NNU’s premiere jazz ensemble, Jazz Revival, plays live music at Messenger.

For a fancier meal, visit Brick 29. This highly recommended local restaurant lies in the bottom of the old Masonic Temple. The house Chef, Dustan Bristol, is regionally acclaimed. He is featured on sites like Best Chefs of America and has been nominated for culinary awards. Needless to say, whether students are stopping in for dinner while on a date, or just want a piece of the famous brown sugar bacon, Brick 29 fits the bill. 

Need a place to go to get a bite of breakfast? How about at 8 p.m.? When NNU students are looking for some All-American comfort-food, there is no better place than Le Baron's Honker Cafe. Combos like the Big Honk Combo, a plethora of steaks and burgers and the nightly specials are just a few examples of the items that Le Baron's includes on their menu. The Cafe has been in business for roughly eighty years, and has been operated by the Le Baron family (full of NNU alumni!) for over forty. This downtown diner, is the perfect combination of modern efficiency and classic charm. 

NNU’s students do more than just eat. The Reel Theatre, or Dollar Theatre as it’s known among students, prides itself on being the most economical choice for movie-goers in the Nampa area. They show the same movies you’ll find at a new-release theatre just a few weeks after the initial release date at discounted, poor-college-student-friendly prices, with special midnight showings for one dollar. 

Don’t be surprised to find NNU students at other local businesses including Yesteryear Shoppe (a quaint used bookstore), bike shops such as Cafferty’s and Rolling H Cycles, Puffy Mondaes (a sustainable arts store offering supplies and classes), and an abundance of clothing consignment boutiques. 

Come to NNU and discover for yourself why we love the city of Nampa, Idaho. 

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