Sunshine throughout the seasons

July 27, 2016

If you’re looking for an area sustaining an outdoor lifestyle, look no further. According to the Boise Valley Economic Partnership, the Boise Valley has an average of 220 sunny days, low humidity, and 12.1 inches of precipitation per year. This combination allows Idahoans to spend the bulk of their spare time doing what they love under clear blue skies, and, as if that wasn’t enough, Idaho’s four distinct seasons keep things fresh. Here are just a few changes that come with the changing seasons.

It’s the place with four distinct seasons, and sunshine in every one of them.

Idaho’s four seasons cause a complete transformation of scenery. From golden wheat fields swaying in the wind to vibrant autumn leaves dancing to the frosty ground, from icy mountains donning their fresh snowy coat to fragrant cherry blossoms adorning city streets—the spectrum of views within 12 months is quite extraordinary. The only things remaining the same are the clear skies and sunshine. So whether it is a glistening wonderland or a vibrantly colored spring, both are accompanied by lots of sun.

Skiing, fly fishing, rock climbing, kayaking, snowmobiling, wakeboarding, backpacking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, paddle boarding, mountain biking—these are just several of the activities available in the Boise Valley. Having such diversity across the seasons allow outdoor adventurers to pursue a wide variety of recreational activities while staying in their backyard. As water sports shift to snow sports, Idahoans still get to recreate under clear skies.

Food and beverages
Since the temperatures plummet in the winter and skyrocket in the summer, one’s taste tends to change with the seasons. Cold weather begs for soups and hot beverages. Hot cocoa, peppermint breves, pumpkin spice chai lattes—fall and winter just wouldn’t be the same without being able to curl your hands around a warm beverage after a day in the snow. And as spring and summer come in hot, people turn to barbecues, lemonade, smoothies, blended coffee drinks, and ice cream to accompany the rising temperatures.

With all the experiences and perks that come with changing seasons, Idaho has much to offer. Each season lasts long enough for you to fully enjoy one and be ready for the next. Here you can pursue various outdoor activities, witness a drastic change in scenery, and experience seasonal food and beverages. So if you love the outdoors and a little change, come live in Idaho; it’s the place with four distinct seasons, and sunshine in every one of them.

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