Never a dull moment in the Boise Valley

June 9, 2015

Class is out, homework is done, and laundry is folded. Now what? The answer to this question is both simple and complex. Simple because there is always something to do, so “I don’t know” is never an option. Complex because it’s so difficult to suggest just one activity!

1. Nampa
On campus and around NNU there is never a dull moment. Ask any student and they will tell you that spontaneity is the key to creating some of the best memories. Once a group of friends decide to do an activity, the possible destinations are nearly endless. Perhaps they head to the Ford Idaho Center to catch a monster truck rally. Or maybe they decide to kick back, relax and sip coffee at one of the Flying M’s concerts. Maybe their wallets are thin and so a game of bowling for $1 is where they go. These are a few of the examples of where you might find NNU students looking for a good time, and that’s all just in Nampa.

2. Boise
Beyond Nampa, there’s the “big city” of Boise and the rest of the Boise Valley, where the list of things to do grows so much larger. Some possible destinations include Bogus Basin for a ski trip, the Boise Zoo to get in-tune with nature, and CenturyLink Arena to catch a Stampede game. If money is tight (as it usually is for college students) there are many cost-effective ways to spend your time, such as watching the sun set from Table Rock, taking in a water-light show at the Village in Meridian, the Kuna Caves for a spelunking adventure and Jump Creek for a quick splash.

3. Beyond the Boise Valley
If a group of friends are looking to see what’s beyond the Boise Valley, they won’t be disappointed. The number of options doesn’t decrease, as students can experience the rest of the wonders that Idaho and the surrounding area offers. Such experiences include climbing the Sand Dunes at Bruneau, trekking through the Owyhees just across the Oregon border, and heading east to visit the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve.

It may take longer than the four years students typically spend studying at NNU to fully experience everything that this location offers. There’s just something special about this area that can’t completely be explained in words and truly ought to be witnessed first-hand.

The Heart of the Boise Valley

We believe that students travel to the Northwest to be changed forever by a rigorous education. Because of its proximity to both Idaho wilderness and metropolitan Boise, Northwest Nazarene University truly is the best-of-all-worlds location for college students.

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