4 ways the Boise Valley business scene benefits students

June 21, 2015

For some university students, a “college town” is nothing more than the town in which they attend college.

For NNU and its students, the Boise Valley is way more than a set of geographical boundaries. It’s a deep basin of support for future professionals, with an increasingly enticing business climate for both individuals and companies.

Here are four ways the Boise Valley business scene benefits students:

1. Internships that mean something
Internships look good on a resume, but they’re even better if they actually educate and train you. The Boise Valley is packed with intern opportunities at legit companies that seriously get things done.

Big-time companies within the Boise Valley include:

2. Plentiful employment connections
People around the Boise Valley are always saying, “what a small world”―and they really mean it. For such a thriving metro area, it has a distinct “everyone knows everyone” vibe.

The large local network of successful NNU alumni is an excellent resource for enterprising students who want to learn about potential employers and stay up-to-date on “real world” trends. There’s also a vast supply of local business groups willing to be engaged, such as the Boise Young Professionals and local chambers of commerce.

3. Service learning with a smile
Besides being a vital part of community—and one of NNU’s core values―service can help people’s careers in various ways. It can build self-confidence, develop relationship skills, initiate networking, increase physical activity and improve health.

All that for something we should be doing anyway, as part of God’s Kingdom? Uh, yes please.

Service Learning at NNU manifests itself in many ways, including work with Boise Valley schools, low-income families, veterans and refugees. Elsewhere, organizations such as local churches, Boise Rescue Mission, Create Common Good and Big Brothers Big Sisters provide opportunities to put your talents to great use.

4. Unwind, engage
Even the best higher-education programs can become a grind at times, so relaxing endeavors are encouraged―and easy to find.

  • Outdoors ― Hunting, fishing, hiking and backpacking. Skiing. Mountain biking and river rafting. Fun outdoor activities for college students are within easy driving distance in southern Idaho.
  • Music and More ― Some of the biggest names in music visit the Boise Valley. Overall, it’s a well-rounded arts scene, with opportunities such as Treefort Music Fest, Boise Philharmonic Orchestra and the picturesque outdoor Idaho Shakespeare Festival.
  • Coffee and Conversation ― Restored old-time buildings intermingle with newer, sleeker structures in the Nampa and Boise downtown areas. Laid-back coffee spots and eateries have sprung up, serving as perfect hangouts for studying and discussing.

Good college towns offer more than residence halls and grocery stores. For students with passion to succeed, places like the Boise Valley are filled with opportunities to engage, learn and move forward into amazing careers.

The Heart of the Boise Valley

We believe that students travel to the Northwest to be changed forever by a rigorous education. Because of its proximity to both Idaho wilderness and metropolitan Boise, Northwest Nazarene University truly is the best-of-all-worlds location for college students.

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